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Flair Airlines is Canada’s new low-cost Airline

Our low fares get you from here to there with the convenience of being able to add the extras you love, à-la-carte style. Even better, most of the main routes are non-stop flights that aren’t currently offered by other companies.

We want to spread the love to Canada’s smaller airports because of their laid back atmosphere, cheaper parking and awesome baggage handling. Plus, their lower fees keep more money in the bank for you.

Remember because we’re not using any booking sites. To keep costs down, we sell directly to the customer and a small number of exclusive partners.

Like to board the flight first? Or maybe you’re looking to enjoy a tasty beverage in your favourite window seat? The good news is that you can customize your trip with the options you know and enjoy. These include:

  • Priority boarding
  • Seat selection
  • Printed boarding passes from our agents
  • On-flight beverages

Just a heads up, we DO charge for carry-on baggage as it slows the boarding process. So we encourage you to check your bags and enjoy a less cluttered flight experience.

Visit our Flair Airlines Newbie page to learn about the ultra-low-cost experience or check out the How to Save page to see what we charge for optional products and services.

Flair Airlines, owns and operates the planes that take you from here to there without compromising your safety. They’ve been flying since 2003 and have a strong record of service with experienced pilots, flight staff as well as knowledgeable maintenance crews. Flair currently operates the Boeing 737-400 which is among the world’s safest customer jets.

Flair Airlines Announces Travel Discount to Canadian Forces Community

Immediate Release

November 10,  2017

Flair Airlines Ltd., (Kelowna, BC) Canada’s leader in low fare travel today announced a permanent offer to the Canadian Forces Community through the CF Appreciation Program.

Flair Airlines will extend a 10% discount to all Canadian Armed Forces members which includes Veterans, RCMP (both Currently Serving and Veterans), members of the Extended Defence Team, plus their family members.  (Family members means spouse and dependent children).  With membership over 1 million strong, the offer will be available exclusively through the CF Appreciation website. 

“We are proud of our Canadian Forces Community and the sacrifices they make for the sake of our country and communities.  We count this as our privilege to extend this offer to them,” stated Chris Lapointe, Vice President Commercial Operations.

As an Industry Partner with the CF Appreciation Program,  Flair will provide the absolute lowest fares making it possible for families to connect and reunite after long absences or, in many cases provide options for affordable vacations.  As Flair’s route network expands over the next several months, CAF Members will be able to travel across the country as well as vacation to the south. For information on how to access the discount code, members may visit the website The unique code will be available towards the end of November 2017 and further details will be distributed in the coming weeks.

“On behalf of Flair Airlines, we wish to say ‘thank-you’ for the service and commitment each member of the Canadian Forces Community has made to this country,” concluded Lapointe.

About Flair Airlines 

Flair Airlines Ltd is a Canadian Airline based in Kelowna, BC. Flair operates a fleet of Boeing 737 -400 aircrafts and recently received delivery of additional aircrafts. 

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