VIP Charter Service

Whether your requirement is for a single, ‘ad-hoc’ flight or for a series of regular charter service flights, Flair Air can provide a flexible, efficient and economic charter solution to meet your needs. We operate a fleet of Boeing 737-400 (5). Our fleet is capable of transporting up to 156 passengers in comfort to destinations worldwide. We are committed to providing safe, reliable and economic air travel for our charter customers, including:

  • Corporate Incentive Travelflairairvipservice1
  • Television and Film Production
  • Sports Tours / Events
  • Orchestra and Music Tours



You have the ability to customize your departure time and create your own travel schedule and to change it. Flair Air will work according to the program you have designed.

Point to Point

Chartering with Flair Air provides an opportunity for direct, “point-to-point” service because of our ability to operate between smaller airports that are closer to your actual departure and destination points. Less travel time is needed and potential delays are minimized.

Cost Effectiveness

Flair Air can help you match equipment capacity (type of aircraft) with your specific needs and, therefore, save you money.


Flair Air’s charter service ensures you will not have to contend with traffic queues, parking delays, crowded check-ins, or terminal chaos.


Flair Air’s charter service offers you the convenience of traveling only with the people of your choice. You can conduct meetings, discuss business strategies, entertain or simply relaxing in a stress-free and private environment.

To learn more about our charter service or to request a quote, please callĀ 1-250-491-5513.

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