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How to Save

This is the secret sauce of an low-cost airline.

We didn’t just have you at hello? We get it, a little more info is always helpful. Whether you’re new to Flair Airlines or just want to learn how to save with us, we’ve outlined some useful points to solve your questions from here to there.

Flair Airlines Newbie

Learn how we get you from here to there with one low fare.

Flair Airlines is here to change the way Canadians travel. Booking with Flair might be a bit different than what you're used to, and here's why:



Whether you’re packing light or for a whole week’s adventure, we know your baggage is an important part of your trip. Here’s how to save when planning for your carry-on, checked baggage, and more.


Seat Selection

Window, middle, or aisle? It's up to you! Get the best price on your favourite spot on the plane. Here’s how you can enjoy your flight in the seat that’s right.


Online Check-in

Check in online and save! Or, if you prefer to check in at the airport, you can do that too for a small fee. Read on for more info.


Other Options & Charges

Do you want it all? Or maybe you’d like to be among the first to board the plane? We’ve got your extras covered with our selection of options. Click through for more details.