At Flair we do our best to keep you informed of anything that might affect your flight experience before, during, or after your journey.

For All Customers

2018 08-19

Airport: YLW (Kelowna)

Event: Flights may be impacted due forest fires.

When: All day, August 19-20, 2018

 What to do: Flair has revised its ticketing policy for customers booked on affected flights to facilitate changes to bookings. Those customers wishing to make alternate travel arrangements can do so without penalty, space permitting, by completing a Fast Access Form online.  Please check the alternate travel options currently available.  Once you have chosen your new flight, click on MY TRIP, scroll down, and click on the Flight Change Request icon.

Prior to leaving for the airport, please check your flight status or contact us at 204-888-4357.  Due to increased call centre volume, wait times may be longer than usual.

Flair Airlines is monitoring the situation closely and is working to get you on your way safely and as quickly as possible.

We are eperiencing very high call volumes with longer than normal wait times.   To assist in serving you better, we suggest an alternative method of contacting us at our support email.  Please include all pertinent details and send your message to support@flairair.ca  Thank you for your patience.

CATSA has posted an alert advising all passengers of the potential for enhanced screening at Canadian aiports.  We recomment passengers arrive a minumum of 2 hours prior to departure to ensure sufficient time to pass through the security screening process.  For further detail please see the information below.

ALERT – Enhanced screening measures are in effect. Passengers will continue to be randomly selected for additional screening, which will now include screening of their electronic devices. If selected, you will be asked to remove any covers or protective cases from your electronic devices before inspection, and may be asked to show that they can be powered up. Before travel, you should be aware:

  • CATSA’s first priority is the security of the travelling public.
  • As a result of enhanced security screening measures, passengers may experience longer than usual wait times.  Passengers should be prepared to arrive at the airport early and can contact their airline if they require more information.
  • Passengers can check wait times by visiting the CATSA website or app.
  • Passengers will continue to be randomly selected for additional screening, which will now include screening of their electronic devices. All passengers should ensure that covers and protective cases can be easily removed and that their electronic devices are charged.
  • Passengers are encouraged to remove the protective cover from their electronic devices in advance of screening, in order to facilitate the screening process.
  • Electronic devices that cannot be taken out of their cases or powered on when requested during enhanced screening will not be permitted beyond the screening checkpoint.
  • For more information on the implementation of these measures, please contact Transport Canada.

For All Travel

Customers Traveling with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Transport Canada has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices from commercial aircraft in Canada. As a result, Flair customers with this device may not travel with the device. Customers carrying a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will not be permitted to board aircraft or permitted to carry it in their checked luggage.  It may result in travel disruption, including missing your flight.  Do not bring the device to the airport.